A B2B SaaS Startup Grows Customer Base With Secure AWS EKS Migration

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Gated Case Study
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Outcomes Achieved by Implementing a Highly Scalable & Distributed Architecture

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Highly available cloud-native k8s architecture that now handles high traffic load.

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Zero trust and highly elastic architecture to achieve close to zero downtime and remove single points of failure.

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Improved customer delight and revenue potential with performance enhancements as a result of quick response time and no latency.

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Fully encrypted data plane resulting in highly secure data management with reduced data exfiltration and exposure risks.

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Robust monitoring and alerts leading to improved operational efficiency.

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Our partnership with the Xgrid team over the past year and a half has been extremely invaluable. Xgrid’s excellent team of DevOps engineers possess a unique talent for working with a breadth of tools, technologies, and coding languages to deliver best-in-class services. Their expertise ranges from designing and developing cloud-native applications on AWS to migration to automation to CI/CD, all using agile development methodologies.

E-commerce Store

CEO & Chairman of the Board of Directors

Gated Case Study

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About Us

Established in 2012, Xgrid has a history of delivering a wide range of intelligent and secure cloud infrastructure, user interface and user experience solutions. Our strength lies in our team and its ability to deliver end-to-end solutions using cutting edge technologies.

The Journey From Crashing on Black Fridays to 90% Revenue Spike In 21 Days

The Journey From Crashing on Black Fridays to 90% Revenue Spike In 21 Days

An e-commerce store with crashes, zero infrastructure control, and lax security protections