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Highlights for the Year 2019!

It is Thanksgiving today and team Xgrid would like to take this opportunity to express gratitude to all our customers and partners across the globe, for their confidence and loyalty. We are committed to keep the standard high for our loyal customers and excited to help our new customers excel in their journey. We are also thankful to our diverse and talented team for helping us shape up to be the successful business that we are today!

As 2019 has almost come to an end, I would like to share that this year has been full of applaudable achievements at Xgrid, filled with awards, successful project deliverables and happy customers. It’s nice to look back at them now and be thankful for how far we’ve come – something we’re absolutely proud of!

An addition of 19% new customers in Xgrid’s customer base in 2019-2020 with a 50% retention rate

Source: Driving Innovation to Empower Customers Infographic 2019

Let’s have a quick look at what we have achieved in all three of our business verticals, together with our customers and partners:

Starting with the UI and Application Development, at Xgrid, we religiously follow the UI/UX philosophy of meeting the user requirements (to create Natural User Interfaces) by leveraging the power of a human friendly design created with the right blend of visual aesthetics. This has helped us in delivering branding solutions including interactive websites and customer portals complemented by a variation of animations and illustrations. We have also delivered a wide range of business critical technical softwares, visualization dashboards and complex network applications developed exclusively for all kinds of devices including desktop, tablets and mobile phones.

We lubricate the stories of our clients using strategies revolving around user experience best practices and desirable exploitation of images to generate noticeable illusion of their artifacts.

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Successfully managed upto 108 project releases till date

Source: Driving Innovation to Empower Customers Infographic 2019

Xgrid has also delivered cloud migration services to a couple of organizations over the years to enable applications to derive benefits leveraging on the cloud. The end goal was to assist our customers with building a secure and scalable, well-architected application framework mounted on AWS to lower the expense of IT resources by improving productivity, operational resilience and manifesting the required business agility. With our subject-matter experts and AWS certified individuals we have served small and big enterprises from various business domains and market segments. A glimpse of these segments can be also seen in the pie chart.


Xgrid recognized as Best in ‘ICT Services’ Category at P@SHA ICT Awards Ceremony 2019

Source: Driving Innovation to Empower Customers Infographic 2019

With organizations now being aware of the business benefits of a sandbox environment, the demand for isolated testing environments has increased tremendously in the market. Xgrid was selected as a trusted service provider by one of the fortune 50 companies to deliver an on-demand, self-service simulation of their real world data center. The motive was to provide an isolated execution of a network environment that provides real time reflection of network behavior and an orchestrator to virtualize instances of the sandbox environment to accelerate the broad-based showcasing of their solution. The flexibility that came with it includes but is not limited to instant provisioning, hassle free deployment and 10x reduction in the sales cycle. Our eminent work on this project was also recognized at P@SHA ICT Awards Ceremony in which we bagged a gold in ICT Services Award across Pakistan, which helps Xgrid stand out in a highly competitive market.

All in all, 2019 has been a glorious year for Xgrid. Our highly trained and dedicated team of professionals bring an informed perspective to each challenge. We would like to take the opportunity to appreciate the Xgrid family for always maintaining high standards, for their persistence and their great sense of humor always lightening up the office environment. We aim to excel further by keeping the bar high and look forward to many such magnificent achievements in the upcoming years.

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