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Integrating Your Brand with Hubspot: Connecting & Customizing Domains

Integrating Your Brand with HubSpot: Connecting and Customizing Domains

HubSpot offers a range of powerful features, one of which is the ability to seamlessly integrate your existing domain into its platform. This feature allows you to create and customize multiple landing pages and website pages, all under your unique domain, while keeping your existing website structure intact. This guide will walk you through the process of connecting your domain to HubSpot, ensuring a cohesive brand experience across all your online assets.

Navigating to Domain Customization

To start, access the domain customization feature by going to ‘Tools’ > ‘Website’ > ‘Domains & URLs’ in your HubSpot account. This is where you can manage your domain settings and initiate the process of integrating your own domain with the HubSpot ecosystem.

Setting Up a Custom Domain

For example, let’s say your primary domain is ‘’, and you wish to redirect your HubSpot-created pages to a subdomain like ‘’. HubSpot’s interface makes this process straightforward. After clicking ‘Next’ and reviewing the provided information, you will receive instructions to share with your website administrator. These instructions are crucial for updating your DNS records to reflect the new subdomain.

DNS Record Configuration

The DNS record update is a critical step in this process. It ensures that your custom HubSpot pages, like landing pages, are associated with your chosen domain or subdomain. Your website administrator will need to implement these changes in your domain’s DNS settings.

Before and After Domain Customization

To illustrate the impact of this functionality, consider an example landing page URL before the configuration: ‘xr/’. After properly configuring your DNS records, this URL transforms into something like ‘marketing.xr.go/ABC’ or any other designated landing page name you prefer. This change allows for a more personalized and brand-aligned URL structure, moving away from generic HubSpot URLs.

Benefits of Domain Integration with HubSpot

Connecting your domain to HubSpot provides several benefits:

  • Brand Consistency: It ensures that all your marketing and content efforts are consistently branded, enhancing recognition and trust among your audience.
  • SEO Advantages: Having a custom domain for your landing pages and website pages can positively impact your SEO efforts.
  • Professional Appearance: Custom URLs offer a more professional look, moving away from generic templates to a domain that represents your brand.


Integrating your domain with HubSpot is a pivotal step in creating a unified online presence. By connecting and customizing your domain, you can ensure that your landing pages and website pages align perfectly with your company’s branding, thereby enhancing the overall user experience and brand perception. This guide outlines the steps and benefits of connecting your domain to HubSpot, a move that can significantly elevate your digital marketing strategy.