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Achieving 27% Higher Lead Volume and 25% Higher ROI: A Marketo Case Study

Marketing Automation

How a B2B SaaS Company Leveraged Marketo's — Key Strategies for Impressive ROI and Streamlined Campaigns


Higher Lead Volume


Higher ROI

Client Background

Our client, a global technology company in the Information & Internet industry, experienced remarkable growth with their leads database scaling up to a million to support their expanding global operations. As they ventured into new markets, managing and organizing leads from various regions worldwide became crucial. To achieve this, they relied on the Marketo platform.

At a Glance

As a company transitions from one series to the next, its database expands exponentially. Efficiently managing marketing campaigns with such a large database is crucial for businesses to gain traction in a competitive market. Our client, a global technology company, was in a similar position. However, they faced significant challenges due to the lack of a centralized system for campaign tracking. It led to delays and miscommunication between marketing teams and operations, resulting in reduced ROI and lower lead generation.

We introduced a streamlined campaign request intake process using Jira, ensuring all requests were properly tracked and managed. We also integrated Marketo with a robust calendar functionality, providing complete visibility into campaign status and performance. With our solutions in place, our client experienced remarkable improvements in their marketing campaigns.

Challenges—Maximizing Campaign Efficiency with Marketo


Our client, a global technology company in the Information & Internet industry, experienced remarkable growth with their leads database scaling up to a million to support their expanding global operations. As they ventured into new markets, managing and organizing leads from various regions worldwide became crucial. To achieve this, they relied on the Marketo platform.

  1. Lack of Centralized Campaign Tracking Cripple Marketing Efficiency

    Marketers utilized email coordination and Google Sheets for campaign requests, leading to inefficiencies and delays during execution. Communication gaps caused confusion, impacting the marketing operations team’s ability to execute campaigns on short notice, resulting in increased marketing overheads and reduced ROI.

  2. Global Growth Strains Email Campaign Management/The Complexity of Localized Content in a Global Marketing Push

    Expanding global operations required customizing email content based on regions, adding complexities to the campaign management process.

  3. Limited Visibility into Campaign Performance

    The client faced difficulties in tracking campaign progress, hindering the assessment of overall marketing effectiveness and informed decision-making.

  4. Time-Consuming Campaign Creation Process

    Creating campaigns from scratch for repeated requests proved inefficient, causing delays in marketing activities.

  5. Lack of Program Management’s Standardization and Organization

    The program management system lacked standardization and organization, hindering efficient tracking and maintenance of campaigns within Marketo, and impacting scalability and productivity.

As our client's marketing operations expanded, these obstacles significantly impacted their campaign efficiency, ROI, and overall marketing effectiveness. Addressing these challenges became imperative—to achieve success in the competitive market.

— Technical Marketing Engineer, Ayesha Kayani

Our Tech Stack

Our Solutions—Streamlining Campaign Efficiency with Marketo

  1. Streamlined Campaign Request Intake Process

    To enhance communication and ensure efficient tracking, we implemented a centralized tracking solution using Jira. This allowed for comprehensive monitoring of all campaign requests, ensuring no information was lost and establishing a single source of truth. By introducing mandatory fields such as campaign objectives, target audience, timelines, and specific requirements, we eliminated the need for back-and-forth communication. This resulted in improved request quality, accuracy, and better alignment between marketing teams and operations. Additionally, we facilitated knowledge sharing and onboarding of marketers by documenting the campaign request intake process in Confluence.

    Streamlined Campaign Request Intake Process

  2. Enhanced Campaign Tracking with Marketo’s Integrated Calendar

    To address the challenge of tracking campaign progress and performance, we integrated a calendar functionality into our client’s existing Marketo instance. This provided a comprehensive view of all campaigns within the Marketo interface, empowering the VP of Marketing and their team with complete visibility. This enabled efficient tracking of campaign status, performance assessment, and data-driven decision-making to maximize marketing effectiveness.

    Marketos Integrated Calendar

  3. Resource Optimization

    By implementing estimated and actual time workflows in Jira, we established a robust reporting system. This enabled improved resource allocation and effective identification of bottlenecks, leading to enhanced efficiency and productivity.

  4. Program Templates for Repeated Requests

    To expedite campaign creation, we designed program templates in Marketo for repeated requests, such as webinars, events, product announcements, and nurture programs. Cloning relevant Marketo program templates, along with their dependent assets, allowed for swift customization and deployment, saving valuable time.

  5. Tokenization for Data Consistency

    We introduced a set of programs and system tokens, ensuring rapid data population across various assets in Marketo without the need for individual editing. This not only saved time but also maintained consistency throughout the Marketo instance.

  6. Standardized Program Folder Hierarchy

    For enhancing scalability and organization, we implemented a standardized program hierarchy for all campaigns. This streamlined program management, making it easier to locate and maintain campaigns efficiently within Marketo, thus increasing overall productivity.

The Outcome—Achieving Marketing Success with Marketo Solutions

  1. Efficient Automation Workflows

    Our Marketo automation workflows proved highly effective, eliminating the need for additional human resources to carry out follow-ups. The streamlined process resulted in significant time and cost savings for the client.

  2. Smooth Onboarding with Extensive Documentation

    With comprehensive Confluence documentation, we ensured a smooth onboarding process for the client’s marketing team to the Jira request intake workflows. This facilitated seamless knowledge sharing and quick adaptation to the new system.

  3. Centralized Tracking for Timely Campaign Execution

    The client experienced a remarkable 27% increase in lead volume, indicating a substantial boost in marketing effectiveness.

  4. Impressive Conversion Rates and ROI

    The streamlined campaigns and improved tracking capabilities contributed to a 30% higher conversion of leads, leading to an impressive 25% increase in return on investment (ROI). These outcomes showcased the success of our market optimization efforts.

  5. Increased Sales Productivity and Reduced Overheads

    Our efforts yielded significant improvements with a notable 14.5% increase in sales productivity. Additionally, the marketing overheads reduced by 12.2%, ensuring cost-efficient operations for the client.

Over the past two years, we’ve helped enterprise clients’ marketing teams launch 15,000+ Marketo campaigns—Every single one of those campaigns started with a request form. We have helped countless companies in this domain, helping them achieve the targeted ROI. Now—it’s your turn to experience exceptional ROI and a surge in lead volume.

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