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Applying Neuromarketing Techniques In B2B Marketing

Traditional marketing = guessing games. Surveys and focus groups are out. Neuromarketing is in!

Joining us on the podcast table are Laura Beavin Yates, the Head of Growth and Marketing and Immersion, and Saad Arshad, the COO of Xgrid, where they dive deep into: What neuromarketing actually is.

How B2B businesses can use it to supercharge marketing results.
B2B Use cases and the cutting-edge tools involved.
Measuring the real value customers get from experiences.
Demystifying the tech behind brain pattern tracking.
Overview of neuromarketing costs.
Breakdown of the kind of B2B marketing content that can be analyzed.
How AI and machine learning enables neuromarketing.
So, ditch the guesswork and get deeper customer insights to create successful B2B marketing campaigns that truly resonate with your audience!
Forget outdated marketing tactics! Discover the future of customer understanding with Neuromarketing. Traditional marketing relies on guesswork. Neuromarketing taps directly into your customer’s brain to reveal what truly influences their decisions.

Learn how the biggest brands get ahead by understanding the power of emotions in buying behavior. In this episode, Laura and Xgrid’s COO, Saad Arshad, break down:

-The fundamentals of neuromarketing
-How businesses can leverage it for explosive growth
-Real-world use cases and powerful tools
-Measuring the emotional value customers get from experiences
-The technology behind tracking brain patterns
-Cost considerations and the types of content you can analyze
-The impact of AI and machine learning in this revolutionary field