UI & Application Development

In today's competitive industry environment clients only want applications that are the easy to use and respond as quickly and efficiently as possible, otherwise they just move on to a different company that provides a better and more attractive service. An attractive interface that attracts customers and which is effective to interact with, requires extensive knowledge and experience in UX and UI best practices and their proper use in the deployment of an application. Design plays the most vital role in the success of any product. At Xgrid we constantly observe and discover new design trends in order to develop products that are visually appealing as well as efficient.

User Interface and User Experience are both two faces of the same coin and go hand in hand. A beautiful interface is useless if it is a nightmare to navigate it, likewise, an easy to use but too bland interface is not the goal either. A well designed interface speaks to the customers to attract them to a certain product. Our aim is to use industry best practices pertaining to UI/UX and create efficient solutions for you to attract maximum customers or increase the efficiency or productivity of existing users.

UX First Design

User experience (UX) is all about how the user feels while interacting with an application. UX is much more than just usability. It includes a multitude of factors, such as: Usability, Accessibility, Performance, Utility, Aesthetics, Market value etc. Perfecting User Experience is the key to a successful product. A good UX design can be the difference between a one-off sale and repeat purchases.

UX is not only a technical tool or a set of rules to follow, it is the entire experience; it about emotions and connections that a person feels using a product or website. At Xgrid we carefully evaluate the needs of each client and how their users will be interacting with a product, decisions are then made from these observations to create applications that create the best user experience possible.

At Xgrid we are aware that a good user experience or lack of it thereof, can make or break a business because nobody wants to use an application that they can not understand. Once a UX design has been created we continuously monitor applications for feedback on how we can improve the experience even further to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

User Centered UIs

Our aim has always been to create user centered designs for all our applications, projects are designed based on an explicit understanding of each of its users, tasks and the environment it will be deployed in. We aim to capture and optimize the entire user experience; therefore, the design team is guided by professionals from across multiple disciplines including domain experts, stakeholders and the users themselves. Product designs are carefully evaluated against design guidelines and criteria. We believe that a good and interactive design is a worthwhile investment that surely pays off. We consider end user satisfaction along every step of the design process to create products that reflect the benefits of a user centered design approach.

Tailored products for users in each specific context to reduce risk of human error. Safe applications!

When developed by keeping the user in mind, there are less chances of users not liking a project and demanding last minute changes.

Save time and money by catering to changing needs when it is still cost effective to make changes.


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Once an attractive user interface and an efficient user experience has been designed the professional experts at Xgrid combine both to develop applications that meet all of the customer’s requirements. Each member of the Xgrid team is a domain expert in their field and with their collective knowledge pool develop top notch applications for leading tech industry members around the globe. Our end products are developed such that usability, efficiency and functionality is ensured along each step of the way.

We use acknowledged industry best practices for not just front-end but for backend functionality as well to create products that not only look good but are also perfect to get the job done!

Captivating front-end and precise back-end functionality for smooth, glitch free applications

Seamlessly merging user interface and application functionality for maximum customer satisfaction

Designed to guarantee continued customer satisfaction and retention both before and after the deployment.

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