Technological Synergies Realized: Xgrid’s Amazing Talent Acquired by Fiber Mountain

Fiber Mountain,Inc. and Xgrid Solutions have signed an agreement for Fiber Mountain to acquire the team previously working for them under the umbrella of Xgrid. The former Xgrid team of 25 employees joined Fiber Mountain’s Pakistan office on 1st of March 2021.

For the past two years, Fiber Mountain, a US-based leading provider of Intelligent Physical Layer solutions, worked in collaboration with Xgrid, a renowned software firm in Pakistan, and later offered a full breadth of leading services for Fiber Mountain to help them accelerate the intelligence of their data center solutions. These services included:

  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • Frontend Technical Development
  • Backend Technical Support
  • Embedded Solutions
  • Technical Documentation
  • Social Media Marketing

This highly valued acquisition has strengthened Xgrid’s global position in the IT sector and built upon its successful business dynamics. This accession demonstrates Xgrid’s commitment to its strategy and continued transformation to a software-driven business model, delivering solutions that materially improve business processes while enabling seamless consumer experiences. Fiber Mountain’s CEO M.H.Raza emphasized the importance of skilled talent with sound industry knowledge for accelerated growth.

“We are extremely delighted to have Xgrid’s team of 25 individuals join us. We believe we can move faster and with more impact by leveraging this talent. Fiber Mountain has had a great relationship with Xgrid and we will continue to strengthen this partnership in the future.”

– M.H.Raza, CEO of Fiber Mountain

The acquisition is clear evidence that Pakistan is the aspiring global hub for providing leading software services. The country’s diverse talent pool is showcasing its expertise in engineering, design, marketing and development which has led to this landmark acquisition and added to the strength of the technology industry in Pakistan. 

“It gives me immense pride that Xgrid is the home to such great talent and from the onset, it has been nurturing and refining the amazing individuals who are making a mark in the Tech industry. Our goal is to empower Pakistan’s Human Capital and showcase it to the world. Together with Fiber Mountain we have begun to showcase Pakistan’s true potential to the world and strengthen our global outlook.”

– Safwan A Khan, CEO of Xgrid

This notable accession marks a great deal in strengthening Xgrid’s position in the Tech Industry by showcasing the unmatchable strengths of its exceptional workforce and establishing the fact that Pakistan is the aspiring global hub for providing leading software services. We thank ProPakistani for publishing our story.

About Fiber Mountain

Fiber Mountain,Inc. is a glass core company that brings innovation to the physical layer of the data center. Using sensor technology and software, with fiber optic cables and patch panels, Fiber Mountain provides real-time knowledge about deployed topology, network connectivity, planned and unplanned changes, security and intrusion detection, and overall health of the data center physical infrastructure.

About Xgrid

Xgrid Solutions is a services company with deep-rooted expertise in AWS migration, Sales Enablement, User Interface, and Mobile Application Development. Along with that, it specializes in end-to-end marketing and branding to help clients reach maximum customers and ensure optimal business growth. Xgrid has enabled a wide range of small to large B2B and B2C business enterprises to achieve their mission-critical goals and has a rich history of providing matchless services to Silicon Valley startups and Fortune 1000 organizations since 2012. Xgrid is currently working with big businesses including Cisco Systems, USIS Inc., Alkira, Inc. to name a few.

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