Who we are

We are an internationally recognized tech company made up of passionate individuals holding expertise in diverse roles bringing together the greatness of interaction designers, coding ninjas, marketing specialists, tech enthusiasts and business think tanks. In our venture of working with cutting edge technologies, we mentor and nurture the members of our talent pool to build innovative, smart and scalable solutions tailored to meet our customer’s business needs.

We believe in the power of company-wide collaboration to solve the strategic and technological challenges of the IT world.

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We Are Flexible

We aim to create an environment that drives innovation by creating an atmosphere of comfort and trust. We have a no clock-in culture and employees enjoy the liberty of internal mobility by working from wherever they feel comfortable within the office. If for some reason you can’t make it to the office, we provide the flexibility to work remotely so you can complete your assigned tasks. We foster employee trust by keeping everyone in the loop with a bi-weekly all hands: where regular project updates are shared and anyone is free to discuss anything, we make sure that everyone is heard.


We Are Inclusive

At Xgrid, we promote a healthy and inclusive environment for everyone by being an equal opportunity provider when it comes to recruitment, work, career advancement or promotions. Our team includes individuals hailing from diverse multicultural backgrounds, playing a key role in critical decision making processes.

We also have a leadership program that identifies and trains talented men and women, to be able to interact in customer-facing roles and lead on-going projects in various capacities. We are committed to cultivating a culture of diversity and can proudly claim to have maintained a very decent gender ratio over the years in the IT industry.


We Are Responsible

As we strive to improve our work and services, we also strive to better our communities and environment and as a result play our part in bettering the world. Our vision is to ‘Collaborate and Conquer’ and it is not just confined to the walls of the organization but is reflected in our CSR endeavors too. We merge CSR with fun corporate events like annual trips and recreational activities to instill the value of corporate responsibility in all of our employees. Our future CSR vision is to go beyond environmental activities and create an impact in the world with our technical knowledge and expertise.

We Are Xgrid

We work hard but that does not mean falling into a ‘Work, Eat, Sleep’ rut. Fun team building activities are regularly arranged. These activities include trips, bowling tournaments, cricket matches and a football league. Regular team lunches are also planned because what’s better to bond over than food? At Xgrid we celebrate everyone’s birthday in a monthly birthday bash and also organize a monthly girls day out exclusively for the ladies! A family day is arranged annually to give employees the opportunity to bring their loved ones to the office and have them meet everyone.

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Employee Testimonials

Mufleha Ovais

iOS Developer

Xgrid is a great place to be at, regardless of where you currently stand. If you’re a freshie, you’re given an ample amount of hands-on experience, enough to set you up to succeed wherever you choose to go in the future. If you’re an experienced hire, you’re given leadership positions, responsibility and trust. Who wouldn’t want that?

Maryam Nizakat

HR and MarCom Manager

I have had customer facing roles and represented the company in decision-making capacity. This has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. The cooperative environment and inclusive culture at Xgrid gives you endless opportunities to grow irrespective of your gender.

Zohaib Akhtar

Web Developer

My working experience with Xgrid has been a refreshing change. Working with a service provider company has given me opportunities to work with diverse and emerging technologies, Xgrid has provided me with a supportive and professional environment.

Riaheen Ali

QA Engineer

Earlier I had heard only good things about Xgrid. Fortunately, I got a chance to be a part of this amazing team. It took me a while to get the hang of things, but as time passed, I adjusted here. The people here are so friendly and ALWAYS available for help. The environment itself promotes growth and learning in every possible way. Flexible timings and good food are the cherry on the top.

Usama Bin Azam

Graphic Designer

Xgrid is a company where hard work and passion never go unnoticed. Everything you do for the company gets returned to you ten-fold. The best thing about the company is the people associated with it. I am looking forward to enduring many more years with Xgrid.

Syeda Urooj Fatima

Full Stack Developer

Xgrid is a place that makes me feel at home. I'm challenged in ways that make me grow both as a professional as well as a human being. I love the positive and supportive environment and my wonderful colleagues who make me want to go to work everyday.

Iqra Malik

Graphic Designer

Xgrid is one of the best companies I’ve ever worked with. The work experience is very good so far. I got an opportunity to work with very talented and cooperative people. The company offers good benefits and best thing about Xgrid is lavish food and extra curricular activities. Xgrid is the mark against which all other companies are measured.

Aiman Wajahat

HR and MarCom Executive

The best aspect of working at Xgrid is that it truly changes your perception of a typical 'job'. Every day is a mix of challenges, fun and healthy interaction with the co-workers. The energy and positivity is contagious here and I have been amazed by the opportunities to grow technically, creatively and personally at Xgrid!

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