Sales Enablement & Sandboxing

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Expedite Marketing

Marketing and Sales professionals can not work standing alone. To expect a marketing team to work without any guiding procedures from the engineering side is a bad practice that is harmful to business. Effective marketing is heavily reliant on tools and process automation. Sales, marketing and engineering teams need to work together to address customer and market needs in order to successfully market products. Sales enablement is the process of providing sales and marketing teams with the information, content, and tools that help them sell more effectively. The foundation of sales enablement is to provide marketers with what they need to successfully engage the buyer throughout the buying process.

We help organizations expedite their marketing processes and strategies by providing effective ways to present their content or products to customers and provide real-time visibility into the level of engagement that content is gathering among customers. Such tools allow organizations to optimize their content and pitches according to market trends.

Xgrid creates enablement platforms to strategically align all individuals in an organization to work towards a common goal. Sales Enablement and Sandboxing tools provide marketing leads easier ways to manage marketing activities and increase marketing effectiveness as well. Choose the right tools for your organization by keeping in mind organization-specific goals and business problems.


Respondents say that sales enablement has made a moderate or significant contribution to their salesforce, according to a survey by Demand Metric. Read More

Real-time previews for clients to envision their end products

Analyze marketing content to optimize it for better campaigns

Manage customers and their needs effectively

Reduce Sales Cycle Duration

For every organization whether it sells products or services, the primary driving force is sales. Sales is relative to every department in the company because selling your product or service is what pays for every other department. A reduced sales cycle duration directly impacts the bottom line. Shortening the sales cycle helps to grow revenue because sales reps will be able to reach more prospective clients. An additional advantage to a shorter sales cycle are the reduced chances of things going askew which is a valid possibility if the cycle extends too long.

A sale that may take months on end to close is of little use. The amount of revenue that a company generates is directly proportional to the speed of the sales cycle. Taking too much time impedes the productivity and effectiveness of sales. In today’s dog-eat-dog competition of the business world, the only key to an organization’s success is effective sales.

We at Xgrid aim to ‘enable’ your sales teams with our tools to reach maximum clients within the minimum time so that you can build up your repertoire as an efficient and competent industry member. We make the effort to understand the intricacies of your sales cycle and create tools by mapping out your organization’s sales needs that need to be addressed with our solutions.


More likely that potential leads turn into clients when sales and marketing teams are aligned with the help of sales enablement tools. Read More

Customer Specific Solutions

No two organizations are the same in the tech world. Even if they have similar products and clients, there are many differences in how every organization does things or how they expect things to be done. We take into careful consideration each of our customer’s specific organizational needs and what their clients expect of them to build solutions that give them an out of the box experience.

From design to architecture and implementation for every tool, we keep in mind customer specific use cases and requirements to ensure that the unique needs of every customer are individually met with immaculate attention to detail. Our industry experts also provide consultation services to help you decide what you need for your organization. We make sure that you choose a solution that is the best fit for you!

Offering customized solution demos for your business needs

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