Sales Enablement 101

Let’s set the scene. Your company has just launched a disruptive networking solution that is set to shake up the industry. Big names like Apple and Facebook are showing genuine interest and can’t wait to get their hands on it. There’s a lot of buzz around the entire affair. They want to see the product run their specific use cases so they can be sure it fits their requirements. However, it takes you a couple of weeks to set up the entire thing end-to-end to demonstrate one use case. Your competitors have a similar solution and a much faster turnaround time, and they gain the upper hand. The customer goes with them instead and the sale is gone.

One of the biggest challenges businesses face, especially with products requiring a tedious and complex setup procedure, is effectively managing and completing a customer sale. In this case, bringing a potential customer on board, understanding their set of requirements, and setting up a demo or Proof of Concept (POC); all of this would usually take days if not weeks and runs the risk of your potential customer being poached by your competitors. 

What can you do to reduce the time for your overall process? The answer is a Sales Enablement Tool. Since the deployment time of an end-to-end actual physical setup can’t really be reduced, the best way to make the process faster would be having an application or tool that can emulate the customer’s use case. A Sales Enablement Tool or a Sandbox can allow your customers to experience the feature set that your product offers in a customized, tailored environment. Most companies either lack the resources or have a large amount of corporate red tape which prevents them from developing a Sales Enablement Tool for their product. This is where Team Xgrid enters the equation to provide our expert services in developing a fully customized sandbox environment for your product. However, before discussing what Xgrid can do for you, let’s first briefly talk more about the value a sales enablement tool can add to your business.

What is a Sales Enablement Tool anyways and why do I need one?

As the name suggests, a sales enablement tool is designed to empower the sales and marketing team. It gives them incredible versatility in adapting to their customers’ requirements and allowing them to create a more interactive, highly dynamic, and effective sales process. A test run of the actual product, the tool is designed to supplement the product, with the aim of simplifying, streamlining, and accelerating the actions required to set up a POC, as well as making it easily repeatable. All of these are vital when it comes to gaining the upper hand on your market competitors and ensuring your product’s success.

The key factor in all of this is time. The quicker the turnover time, the easier it is for sales reps to iterate and engage with customers. Setting up a blockchain network across multiple physical servers can take hours or even days depending on its scale and complexity. Replacing the same setup with an automation framework that brings up the network in a containerized environment on a single server would cut the time down to a fraction, while also maintaining the integrity and accuracy of the use case.

The flexible nature of such sandboxing tools enables teams to use them for training purposes as well. Think of demonstrating a single POC or use case at scale. The same concerns still stand, more so in this case because more people are involved. Having a tool that can spin up the required scenario quickly and reliably means more people can be trained on that product. More trained people means a larger sales force, resulting in wider customer outreach and, consequently, greater visibility for the business. The perfect chain reaction.

Customized POC Tools provide the added advantage of being inherently virtualized, and hence enable marketing teams to easily demonstrate their solutions online. This is something that is imperative to have, given the way the world works today, and all the more given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

How does Xgrid fit in?

Now that you’re all aboard the hype train, where can one get such an application made for them? One word – Xgrid.

It is essential that sales enablement and POC tools are tailored to the exact requirements of the product. They need to capture and convey the products selling points effectively and efficiently.  That fact is our number one priority when building out these applications. We engage with clients to understand their product and what they want to demonstrate in their bespoke sandboxing environment. Every tool is tailored to support customer-specific use cases and requirements to ensure that the resulting solution is the best fit for you. Our extensive industry experience provides expertise in end-to-end tool design, development, delivery, and support for customers to provide a unique experience in every sales interaction.

Our portfolio includes the development of a tailor-made POC solution for a Fortune 100 company, which enabled them to easily demonstrate their unique SD-WAN solution in customer meetings, in-house training, and global live events. The sandboxing solution allowed their sales team to test out platform releases quickly and bring up client requests and use cases efficiently. 

It has a simple drag-and-drop based user interface (UI), where users can create their network topologies with complete freedom. The deployment process is where all the magic happens. Large, complex configurations consisting of up to 50 network devices spread across multiple physical servers are deployed automatically and managed completely by the application without any user intervention, all thanks to the robust and exhaustive automation framework driving the application. Users can also edit their configurations, tear them down completely and start from scratch, and save existing topologies that the tool can deploy repeatedly, with a few simple clicks on the UI.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? That’s the beauty of it. It streamlines the entire process to a tee and makes you wonder why you didn’t have a sandbox environment complementing your product in the first place. Sales enablement tools offer incredible versatility and should be a part of every product’s marketing strategy.

Still don’t believe us? Take our community’s word for it. Xgrid was the recipient of the Best in ICT Services award in 2019 from P@SHA (a body consisting of IT companies and industry leaders from across the country) for the Sales Enablement solution we built, which further reiterates the advantages sandboxing solutions have to offer.

Start your journey with Xgrid to experience the wonders of Sales Enablement & Sandboxing for your business. Request a Demo today and let us drive your business drive forward.

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