Navigating the software world during COVID-19

Amid the global COVID-19 catastrophe, the worldwide economic downfall brings us all to think where do we stand as a business? For many, it still is a black swan event. The series of unprecedented events makes people from all spheres to evaluate their organizations. Everyone wants to survive and thrive in this pandemic. And the IT industry is no exception. In this blogpost, we will take a look at how the smart use of technology can combat the torment inflicted by the coronavirus.

In this new era of socially distant communities, emphasis is being laid on the use of online platforms and services to meet business goals. Today, hosting the mission-critical resources on cloud is more vital than ever which, according to the Flexera 2020 State of the Cloud Report, has led to a rise in the usage of cloud platforms. It has enabled companies to operate seamlessly by making their services always available without having to physically manage the infrastructure. This way the businesses can focus on their core product and service offerings without having to worry about the infrastructure maintenance. Leveraging on our rich experience of providing end-to-end cloud solutions, we at Xgrid, are helping our clients in designing, developing, and deploying specialized cloud and DevOps solutions that can help them meet the increasing demands of their business needs.

“Xgrid’s wide range of technical expertise with different cloud platforms and orchestration technologies enables the team to provide automation of a wide variety of infrastructure and network resources, and consequently help optimize customer workflows and processes. The current demand for IT services is at an all-time high and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Xgrid plans to assist its customers to the best of its abilities during this time and maintain its excellence and growth in the IT sector.”

Nabeel Afzal, Director Solutions Engineering

Xgrid also bagged a Gold in ICT Services Solutions category in P@SHA Awards held in 2019. The award was based on a sales enablement and sandboxing solution developed for a Fortune 50 company, that allows their sales team to provision remote demos and training environments for their clients. Click here to read more about it.

With work from home emerging as a prevalent mode of work across the globe, online traffic has surged creating a clear need for a resilient cloud infrastructure. The use of social media platforms has increased drastically for networking purposes. Considering this, marketers are planning to revisit their marketing plans. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, 41% of marketers plan to change their cause-related marketing strategy as a result of COVID-19. While we are on this subject, the marketing automation and analytics tools such as Hubspot, Marketo, Google Analytics, etc. are helping organizations build smart marketing strategies. Due to increased revenues and flexibility provided by these tools to businesses, you can count on digital marketing platforms for a long-term investment. If you are still not a part of the golden mine of lead generation then, now is a valuable time to drive for change.

“With people glued to screens, now more than ever, digital marketing has become an absolutely essential part of the proceedings. Not to mention, a big boost in creative opportunities for remote working. Start today, start small, and think big!”

Hussain Ali Zaheer, Senior Interaction Designer

However, for both small and big enterprises to greatly benefit from digital marketing, it is imperative that the visual content used is catchy and grabs the attention of the prospective customers in the digital space. Getting the message across with a combination of image, colors and captions is not enough, it is also important to reflect the brand’s organic identity. To make a sale in this pandemic when consumers are more picky than ever, it is important to convey a thought-provoking message highlighting the value your product offers intelligently. Team Xgrid is helping customers boost their sales growth by providing a mix of creative strategy, out of the box ideas and distinct designs.

“For us, design is communication and, to convey a message, proficient designers choose the right visual elements.”

Sher Afgan, Senior Interaction Designer

With the pandemic, the digital transformation has also taken over the world. If you are reading this blog and you have a distinctive idea on how to digitize your product, this is a great time to give your idea a shot.

You can dig deep and come up with remote and hardware-come-software based solutions. If you have any brand new app development idea then hit it off. It is the prime time when from all the social media applications, to entertainment sites like Netflix, e-commerce apps such as Amazon, educational platforms and video conferencing tools like Zoom and Skype are getting a lasting lift. Xgrid has been a part of this trending game since long, delivering iOS and android based cross-platform applications to its customers. Our service offering is not only limited to mobile app development but we also follow a ground up approach to built user centric UIs.

“While the pandemic itself has been a challenge, it has provided organizations such as ours an opportunity to grow culturally while at the same time giving us extended business opportunities. Considering all these factors, we anticipate our MarCom & UIUX work to grow over the next few months as the tech world is clear on the relevance and the effectiveness of remote working.”

Waqas Khalil, Director MarCom & Design

While the crisis may bring some challenges, we all can take this time to reimagine how to reorganize our businesses intelligently to maximize the overall outcome. Working remotely is clearly the new normal and that in-turn opens up opportunities for global collaboration, one that we have never seen before. This is the right time to identify growth strategies and make use of them by involving key players to stay ahead of the game!

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