Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Mobile apps today have become the centerpiece for most of businesses to stay close to their customers and nurture them. At Xgrid, we help you nail down the best way to digitize your product and enclose it in a mobile app. Our team of experts have a rich experience of developing high-end functional apps which are outright fun to use. Refer to the sections below to have a glimpse of our in-house built apps serving thousands of users on a daily basis.


Dynamic Management of Offsite Projects


Of the Businesses have their own App

Build long-term customer relationship & strengthen it with your business app

Reliable multi-platform mobile apps can transform the entire business spectrum. In commercially-driven construction businesses collaboration with the on-field workers, contractors, and suppliers becomes seamless by using mobile apps. They allow everyone on the crew to be informed and included in real-time.

User-friendly apps are a driving force in the construction businesses. Meet the daily targets using a well-nurtured mobile app. Transform the management process by lubricating the task assignment. Mobile Apps can provide an improved project scheduling, better resource management and an accelerated information handling process. Apps help you work faster and smarter by removing all potential bottlenecks and provide an impeccable central control.

Software experts at Xgrid, seamlessly integrate into its client’s business workflow whether they are looking to create a new application or want to revamp their existing solution. We bring a new driving force for your business without reinventing the wheel. Our team is proficient in increasing the velocity of development. With a set of extended technical capabilities, we are capable of better understanding client requirements. Our set of professionals use top-notch coding standards and diligently take care of providing truly supreme desktop, tablet and mobile app solutions.

Apps for Devices of All Types

We build dynamic apps accessible on the devices & platforms of your choice

User-friendly Interface

Clean & intuitive UI design that makes it easy to navigate through various views

Task Management

Efficient way of assigning & managing routine tasks to available resources

Customized Features

Feature-packed applications that help you achieve your organizational goals

Automated Processes

Reduction in cost & time with the automation of logistics management


Supply Chain Digitization to Cut Operational Costs


Of the Businesses offer App for better Customer Support

Improve your customer service and foster customer loyalty by being approachable

Mobile apps have not only transformed the realm of B2C applications, but also have a significant influence in streamlining the complex operations of B2B applications. Getting rid of the desktop only disorder is an imperative step to going digital. Today, many B2B organizations have embraced the change and are jumping on the mobile app development bandwagon, to maintain their position and grow.

In the supply chain industry, where there’s a constant movement of goods, it is an everyday challenge for managers to keep track of the moving goods at all times. To meet the daily consumer demands, large manufacturers hire third-party distribution companies that act as middlemen to transport products from the manufacturer to the store shelves. A mobile app for employees responsible for off-site logistics support, can act as a quick information exchange platform in this case and reduce operational costs.

At Xgrid, we package the key mobile app features that can help you bring your business and consumer functionality together. We design user interactions that are fun to use and guide your customers in every step of their app journey. Afterall your business is only as good as the software it runs on.

Custom Built Business Apps

We create fast, secure & scalable custom apps for your business tailored to your requirements

Digital Workspace

Connect with the task force & virtually schedule the distribution tasks

Real-time Updates

Share task-related updates on the app instantly

Seamless Collaboration

Digitally connect & collaborate with the task owners anywhere, anytime

Time Tracking

Record every minute & hour spent on each task

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