Maintaining a Value Driven Culture: A Sneak Peek into our World

Established in 2012, Xgrid Inc. is a pioneer in virtual networking domain, incorporated in the US and registered in Pakistan. We have been performing operations with our unmatched expertise, delivering a wide range of intelligent and secure cloud infrastructure products. Based in Islamabad, we work with cutting edge technologies and have been engaged in providing simplified, secure and efficient products leveraging on evolving standards to meet business needs and accelerated growth.

We kicked off our blog a couple of weeks ago with a goal to keep you guys informed of what we are doing as well as to touch on key technologies that we work on. However, before I move on, something amazing happened recently, we were shortlisted and won multiple P@SHA awards! If you don’t know about P@SHA, let me put it this way, these are the Oscars of the IT industry in Pakistan that branch out to global awards at a latter stage. Earlier this year we won the service innovation award by PSEB – so it’s safe to say that this year has been positively eventful. While we believe in immaculate service quality, getting recognized for it from time to time always helps 🙂

P@SHA recognised us in two areas : Gender Diversity and Brand Development. These are not technology related as such but form an all important ingredient that help us deliver industry leading service quality. For us these awards recognize the culture and the values Xgrid represents and how it ties in with our vision to exceed expectations on all fronts. Although we have been operating for five years, our current journey began in 2017, where we set out to redefine our vision and in-turn started from scratch to build a brand around these values.

Our workforce is diverse, our culture is rich and our brand values are based around a modern organisation of Silicon Valley which operates in Pakistan.

When I talk about building a brand and developing a culture that is both modern and adaptable, I don’t just mean that we do something for the sake of it. Our workforce is diverse, our culture is rich and our brand values are based around a modern organisation of Silicon Valley which operates in Pakistan. It’s not easy to maintain this unique value and we constantly work towards incorporation of employee feedback at every level of the organisation. Based on our discussions with team members, we worked on getting an infographic, showcasing Xgrid from a high level and providing an insight to our world. For me the key takeaways from our data collection are:

Almost all of us believe that we are growing in our relevant roles while working with Xgrid.

We love flexible hours and are happy with the benefits Xgrid provides us

We are in love with our PS4, Pool table and Table Tennis tournaments

These are some of the indicators that have allowed us to both attract top talent and maintain a unique customer base that varies from Silicon Valley Startups to Fortune 1000 firms across the globe.

Stay tuned for more updates on what technologies we work with, how we manage customer expectations and what are our plans going forward.

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