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Summers are approaching once again and a number of passionate undergraduates are ready to embark on their journey to hunt for ideal jobs. It’s the time when all the fresh graduates have to go through a phase of overwhelming thoughts and questions like what should they aim for? Are they making the right decision? What is the best career path for them? Let me tell you, you are not alone in this, almost every fresh graduate goes through the same. It seems like yesterday we met the graduating students of last year from various universities, through Job fairs, Hiring Gala or the regular hiring process. Some of them successfully made it to Xgrid and now form the most energetic chunk of our workforce here!

It’s amazing to see how far these fresh graduates have come as Xgrid employees. In a short span of time, they’ve climbed the ladder of success and unlocked achievements in their professional lives. Since it has been more than a year with these talented individuals on board, we find this a fitting opportunity to cherish and celebrate their journey and took out some time to have a casual chat with them. Surprisingly the conversations turned out to be so intriguing that I thought of writing a blog to perfectly capture their thoughts so that they can be used as a guide on what to expect from your career and what it feels like to be a part of the Xgrid Family.

It was a delight to hear from them and their words might give you insight into the corporate sector, how to kick start your career and what to expect from your next job. This blog is dedicated to all the undergrads who see the finishing line fast approaching and to those looking for the next jump in their career.

Life of a developer

The world often tells you to realize that professional life is different from your life as a student, you don’t have any freedom or time for fun! That might be true elsewhere but not if you end up at a workplace as accommodating as Xgrid! A Software Engineer from the App Development Team said “Landing at Xgrid changed my perception of a typical job because I still have the same peace of mind, freedom, and comfort like I had during my student life”. That’s primarily because Xgrid believes that the life of a developer shouldn’t be just Work.Eat.Sleep. It is supposed to have the right work-life balance for them to perform their best! The physical and mental well-being of employees is the foremost priority at Xgrid, therefore, flexible timings, remote working and breakout sessions make the life of a developer a lot more exciting than what you expect!

Where will I be in the next 5 years?

That’s exactly what concerns us the most when we are taking the first step into our professional lives; what are the growth opportunities here? Will I be learning more? How much value will this be adding to me? That’s an absolutely valid concern and while you evaluate multiple options it shouldn’t just be growth in terms of pay raises and monetary benefits, but there’s a lot more to professional growth. It’s about polishing your skillset, enhancing your exposure and improving your learning curve. “I still remember the person I was when I stepped in 5 years ago. Shy, quiet and nervous. But it’s a moment of pride to be working for renowned customers across the US and Europe and to have a leadership role in the company today”. This Is what one of the team leads said as she expressed her journey at Xgrid.

Career progression is of immense importance at Xgrid and the promotions are only tied to the employees’ performance. We focus on polishing the leadership skills of our employees through our enriching leadership program and encourage them to undertake relevant certifications for value addition in their skillset. We also continue the legacy of conducting company-wide TOIs as part of our training and development efforts where different teams and individuals take turns to impart knowledge about the latest tools and technologies they have worked on. At Xgrid, sky’s the limit as long as you continue to perform!

Excellence thrives on appreciation!

Appreciation and recognition is something we all long for, hence we all seek a workplace that recognizes our efforts and rewards fairly! To meet this expectation of our employees, Xgrid is structured in a way that no effort goes unrecognized and no hard work goes unrewarded! To appreciate and groom our employees further, we provide mentoring sessions, constant feedback and conduct regular one on ones. In an attempt to appreciate the extra time invested by our employees for critical deliveries over the weekend we have a rewarding plan in place which just not rewards them with a compensatory holiday but also with premium gift vouchers. “What I find distinct about Xgrid is that you are given absolute ownership of the work you do. I was assigned with a significant piece of work right after joining. Even I did not believe in myself at the time my leads did. The amount of trust the team had in me without any micromanagement and the way they appreciated all of my efforts makes it all worthwhile”. These were the words of a developer from the DevOps team as he elaborated how fulfilled he feels being at Xgrid.

Prime elements of a dream job

We are often under the impression that being employed is going to be all work and no fun because that’s what growing up is all about. But Xgrid makes sure that it provides a good balance of the three key elements of a dream job! Along with the competitive salary you get a chance to work on cutting edge technologies and the opportunity to have endless fun with us. United we enjoy on the annual trip to mesmerizing tourist destinations of Pakistan, exciting matches of the Xgrid football league, family day, cricket tournaments and much more!
A frontend developer expressed why this was his dream job saying “I was getting a competitive salary bundled with amazing team building activities. What else could I ask for?”. Our workforce is energized, young and cheerful! We celebrate, appreciate and foster positivity because we don’t forget to live while making a living!

Xgrid has been able to attract the topmost talent over the years which forms  a highly competent workforce, capable of delivering projects for Silicon Valley startups and Fortune 1000 organizations since 2012. It has been the choice of high achievers from top-ranked universities all across Pakistan receiving thousands of job applications all round the year.
We’re all set to expand the Xgrid Family further and our annual hiring efforts are about to kick off. To become a part of us stay tuned for Xgrid Talent Hunt 2020.
Are you the next addition to the Xgrid Family?

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