Hello 2018!

It’s the 31st of January today and we are already a month into 2018! I wanted to kick off our blog this year with two things in mind: a quick reflection on 2017 and a comprehensive look at the technological trends we see taking off in 2018.

Let’s start off with a quick review of 2017 at Xgrid. It was an amazing year for us, where we worked on multiple projects in cutting edge domains with large and mid-sized organisations.

Our aim was simple, value addition for our clients by analyzing their existing product suite and successfully developing bespoke solutions. We saw a clear need for effective data visualization coupled with an easy-to-use interface, this was reflected in our end product for a key customer (a Fortune 1000 company).  Another project worth-mentioning from 2017 was the creation of a sandbox environment for the project management team of a Silicon Valley based startup (now acquired by a Worldwide leader in IT and Networking).

With our core technical team working with several customers in domains as diverse as CI/CD, Cloud DevOps, UX and SDN, our marketing team was also involved in various critical projects. We worked with several companies to efficiently manage their marketing activities. These included, but were not limited to, event planning, social media management and building collateral. It was a super busy year for us, and we plan to continue this trend in 2018!

2018: The Year of Automation, Front End and Cloud DevOps

2018 is the year where we are going to see various new trends, development of existing ideas as well as improvement of age old technologies. Some of the key areas that we think will grow significantly are: Automation, User Experience and Cloud DevOps. Each of these areas have been discussed in a little more detail below:

  • Connecting the dots and looking back, 2017 was the year where large and medium sized enterprises started aggressively moving towards network as well as server automation. 2017 saw a significant rise of nearly 75% in the automation domain (implementation in production environments). With this trend growing, and businesses realising a need for automation across multiple segments, 2018 will see automation and orchestration as the frontrunner in leading tech trends.
  • User experience, something that always took a backseat, is now at the forefront of every application and product. We saw a clear shift towards effective user experience in the mobile space a few years ago. This is now apparent in the web applications domain as well. In order to differentiate and stand out from the competition, UX and effective front end design will play a vital role in 2018.

Cloud DevOps will play a pivotal role in both migration of existing services as well deployment of new applications

DevOps has become a ‘buzzword’ over the past few years with organisations using it left, right and center. However, since late 2016, Cloud DevOps has essentially become more structured, now linked with core services that help in building and managing cloud applications. Some of the key requirements in 2018 will be around hybrid cloud deployments and Cloud DevOps will play a pivotal role in both migration of existing services as well deployment of new applications.

We at Xgrid are looking forward to working with our existing and new customers on interesting projects. ‘Harness Innovation’ being our mantra for this year, we aim to learn a range of new skills, deliver cutting edge products and solutions to further drive technological innovation.

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