2020 Recap

Let’s start with the obvious, 2020 was an unexpected year to say the least. It has changed the outlook of how we work, connect and come together as a community across the globe. For us at Xgrid, this year was full of achievements, growth and success, with a focus on how the team adapted to the ever changing landscape across the globe. The entire Xgrid team met the challenges of working from home like champs and emerged successful with high spirits. The constant show of hard work and persistence by everyone resulted in some very noteworthy achievements! While 2020 was a year everyone will remember for a very long time (hint: CoronaVirus), we at Xgrid wanted to look back at our achievements during this eventful year.

Xgrid is Now an AWS Select Consulting Partner!

The biggest highlight of the year has been Xgrid achieving the status of AWS Select Consulting Partner. This milestone was achieved by the untiring efforts of the DevOps team at Xgrid, who has shown proven results both in our inhouse AWS based projects and, have served our customers at various fronts. Our team of AWS certified individuals are proficient in providing AWS based solutions in various tech domains such as internet of things (IoT), consumer based products, interactive learning, business-to-business (B2B) solutions, etc. The quality of the work reflected in our timely deliverables which not only led to value generation for the business but also helped us achieve this coveted status.

In a nutshell, our team’s arsenal of multiple AWS certifications, customer success stories and of course strong technical comprehension all helped us in getting this status in the AWS Partner Network.

Announcing Mobile App Development as a Separate Business Vertical

The badge for AWS Partner Network is not the only thing we earned this year. Owing to a great demand for custom mobile applications from multiple clients and an increase in the usage of mobile apps in general, we decided to up our mobile app development game and realized that it was time to offer it as a separate new business service. From native to cross-platform apps, we have developed mobile apps for enterprises of all sizes. The apps developed by our team for our valuable clients are deployed in the production environment and currently in use by thousands of users. So, this year also saw Xgrid offering a dedicated business vertical for mobile app development which consolidates all our previous experience of developing iOS and Android applications for clients.  

Advancing Amidst the Pandemic

While work from home (WFH) has always been an option for the employees at Xgrid, to combat the impact of pandemic on businesses this year, we went 100% remote for a specific period of time. It came with its own challenges but the team Xgrid stood against the odds and proved that with dedication and hard work no challenge is too big. The members of the Xgrid family worked closely together to deliver the customer projects as per the promised timeline and kept business running as usual with their high spirits. While adjusting to the new normal, we kept our vision of giving back to the community in mind by helping those who are less fortunate using our technical knowledge and expertise. In order to do so, Xgrid formed a long term partnership with Chal Foundation and conducted sessions to pass on the tech and other essential digital skills we possess to those suffering from limb loss and disabilities. The idea is to empower the physically challenged individuals and help them become productive members of their communities.

Recognized by P@SHA as the Leading Hero for ‘Brand Development’

14th Annual P@SHA ICT Awards

Last but not the least, one of the most exciting developments to happen this year had been Xgrid’s decision to venture into the world of digital marketing under the umbrella of X-96, an Xgrid brand. We had already been working extensively in the domain of digital marketing for clients, for quite a while now. This year, we partnered with Expert Marketing Advisors (EMA), a renowned digital marketing agency located in the US. Previously, we have also been honored with an award for Brand Development at the 14th Annual P@SHA ICT Awards ceremony. We decided to crank it up a notch and form our own digital marketing brand called X-96 to provide dedicated marketing services to customers. This project has been in the works and is all set to be revealed as the new year begins!

All in all, it has been a great year for us at Xgrid. We earned new badges, learnt a great deal more and are set to achieve many more things. With new ventures and delving into new domains, we are very excited for the upcoming year and hope that we continue to excel upwards and onwards in 2021 as well.

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Xgrid’s First Collaborative Event With PWiC

31st December 2019 – Xgrid collaborated with Pakistan Women in Computing (PWiC) Islamabad Chapter to host a networking session on Full Stack Deep Dive, Building User Centric UIs. The purpose of this event was to facilitate meaningful networking with the pioneers of Full Stack and UI/UX world, provide a guided learning session on these domains and share the opportunities that lie within these horizons – which is also inline with PWiC’s vision to enable the community to connect, learn and grow together. It was attended by students, IT industry professionals, fresh graduates and representatives from academia.

The event kicked-off with PWiC’s introduction and the various milestones PWiC has achieved over the years with their presence across the world. The discussion on how UI/UX is a part and parcel of every modern application and the key differences between the two, was led by Waqas Khalil, Director MarCom & Design at Xgrid. Waqas also highlighted the key aspects of application design followed by real world examples from the industry champs and shared his insights regarding how UX first approach used within Xgrid has helped us excel in the frontend application development domain.

“Design is the central component of everything we do at Xgrid. Where UX is not just tied to application design (look and feel), it plays a key role in meeting user expectations while enhancing the experience and hence, cannot be decoupled from Full Stack”

Waqas Khalil – Director MarCom & Design

Later on, Abdulllah Khan, Director Core Engineering at Xgrid, took over the floor and provided his valuable insights on how to make intelligent decisions when choosing an application stack while working with various frameworks. He also shed light on development process used in-house by Xgrid and the effectiveness of the UX first approach in making the process more streamlined. The session concluded with a detailed walkthrough of one of the business-critical customer product developed at Xgrid. This demo was lead by Syeda Urooj Fatima, Full Stack Developer at Xgrid, where Urooj illustrated how the UI/UX and Full Stack development best practices shared by both the directors earlier, were incorporated at various levels of the product layers before packaging everything together.

This session was also attended by several remote attendees. The highlights for this event can be viewed by clicking here.

Pakistani Women in Computing (PWiC) is a global community of women in technology fields hailing from Pakistan and their global allies, with the aim of collaborating, growing, inspiring, celebrating, mentoring and creating opportunities for each other. PWiC’s community goals are to build a strong network of Pakistan female technologists and their allies across the globe to promote Pakistani women in tech, increase their global reach and visibility, to foster growth and retention in STEM fields for the Pakistani community.

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Integrating updated/new technologies with your product is essential to keep its heart beating. But, making use of the right tools with the right technologies at the right time is the way to go, this is what we do and what cuts us from the clutter. #WeAreXgrid


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